"CRC deeply understands the important relationship between consumer behavior and media consumption, especially with Millennials. They're forward thinking with creative ideas that connect with multiple demographics. We've partnered with the agency for several years on many projects from traditional to new media to effectively produce strategic digital programs that enhance and grow brand's social media engagement and following."

Lindsay Albanese, Style Expert

"The Daily has long enjoyed working closely with the CRC team who, time and again, come up with innovative and talked about programs for their clients in connection with The Daily's unique, chic positioning."

Mark Tevis, Publisher, Daily Front Row, Inc.

"Finding CRC PR has been our great good fortune and now we can begin to share our mixers with more people. We've been thrilled to see our business double in the few months since we partnered with this dynamic agency."

Brian Powell, Co-Founder of Powell & Mahoney Vintage Original Cocktail Mixers

"Cindy is an all around PR professional who knows how to cut through the clutter of chaos to garner results. Her collaboration with executives of all levels to make the Horizon Media 20th anniversary an important milestone and position the agency as an industry leader were outstanding. Building strong relationships with the media reporters upon working with our agency were her main priority and it certainly paid off for Horizon."

Bill Koenigsberg, President, CEO and Founder of Horizon Media

"I’ve worked with Cindy for over 15 years to develop communications programs that create buzz and take brands to the next level. She has an unsurpassed connection to opinion-makers and influencers and her outstanding flexibility and initiative makes her a great team player in delivering an integrated marketing mix. But most importantly… Cindy has been a great partner in driving the bottom line and generating measurable results."

Angela Hawkins, General Manager Hosiery, Hanesbrands Inc.

"Cindy is a well rounded communications professional who understands the power of traditional PR in building a strong foundation with marketing. She is a strategic thinker who knows how to navigate opposing opinions and build a case for setting up success with diverse groups in all functional areas. She is both a pleasure to work with and a delight to know personally."

Lisa Carvalho, Vice President, Public Relations for Maybelline/Garnier/Essie

"Cindy's a genuine PR professional. I know I can count on her to deliver insightful, on-point messaging and always provide exactly what I need as a fashion editor."

Jacqui Stafford, TV Fashion and Beauty Expert

"I’ve known and worked with Cindy Riccio of CRC for many years and on countless projects with several of my celebrity clients and independently as Hollywood's premier celebrity stylist. Cindy has always been a team player and an innovative thinker who has a keen insight for branding and style, which makes it extremely easy to collaborate on a variety of projects-from the glamorous to the more consumer oriented. While I think of her as a classic PR professional, her genuine mind for marketing would make a great asset to any kind of company, whether fashion, beauty or technology. Cindy has always been one of those people in the business that pays big attention to small detail, whether collaborating on TV segments, editorial outreach or social media projects. Her uncanny knack for finding the right angle to promote any project makes our lives and work in the fabulous fashion lane fun, informative and a win-win for not only her clients but mine as well. I look forward to another decade or more of a successful alliance and relationship with CRC!”

Phillip Bloch, Stylist, Author and Actor

"I have known Cindy since her first PR agency position which was part of the Saatchi group where she was already positioning herself to be a rising star. She represented powerful brands in the consumer fashion group and served as the client communication contact in all of our media outreach efforts. Her boundless imagination and depth of insight provided clients with personalized attention to every detail of their campaign project. Cindy’s expertise in partnering with clients to position their brands in the most strategic light and seize new opportunities were stellar."

Toria Garrett, Advertising Director, Vogue

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