Hanes Hosiery with Teen Vogue


Hanes Hosiery leveraged the power and influence of five Teen Vogue Instalist members with a special Fall Five promotion which sparked a vibrant conversation amongst their followers and consumers to Cheer For Sheers!

Strategy / Tactics

  • Teen Vogue partnered with five brands including Hanes Hosiery to create and send a Fall Five style box to five (5) select Instalist ambassadors
    • The Instalisters created organic content, sharing the Fall Five essentials and how they styled them
  • Content was posted to the Instalisters’ blogs
  • Posts included a call-to-action to follow the brands on Instagram for the chance to win the looks
  • Hanes Hosiery received additional exposure via:
    • Custom teenvogue.com Look Book featuring Fall Five Instalisters


  • 12 Million Total Social Impressions (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)
  • 5.7 Million Total Impressions on TeenVogue.com
  • 17.7 Million+ Total Program Impressions
Hanes Hosiery with
Teen Vogue


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